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My Hope for All of Us

I remember during the best years of my education, being in graduate school learning to be a "master communicator", as my professors would call it. First day of school my professor said, "you are in this program to learn the mastery of learning to communicate and learn how to build valuable relationships". Fast forward to graduation, I remember telling myself if I don't pursue the opportunity to work as a therapist, I wouldn't have regretted taking the time to complete this education.

What a waste of time, one might say. How could you even think that just being recently graduated? Don't get me wrong, I was more than excited to be doing this work and to venture on this journey of healing and growth with others.

It was that I healed and discovered a healthier version of myself that I didn't know that I could find again. That I was able to experience this powerful space of looking within, asking the right questions and getting answers. That would eventually bring out a version that I wanted to be.

And with that experience that has changed me, I am motivated and hope to provide some of that guidance to you in this platform. Honest and authentic content that I hope you find to be valuable and maybe even life-changing. I believe that this journey of life, shouldn't be a life full of shame, "fakery", and inauthenticity. We all are going through our own struggles and can learn so much from one another. No one struggle is less than and/or easier than another. A person's experience of that struggle and how they are influenced by it, is what matters.

As I come back from a hiatus, of finding myself and fulfilling other responsibilities, I hope that the rejuvenated me can be of service to you.

Looking forward to walking alongside you through this journey we call life.



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